Dave Goodell

In my professional life I’m a software engineer with a variety of experience in high performance networking, distributed systems, and open source software. I’m currently employed at Cisco Systems. The content here is my own and in no way represents the views of my employer. Privately, I enjoy traditional rock climbing, hiking, cycling, cooking, and traveling. I currently live in Chicago and work remotely. Feel free to follow my occasional open source contributions at https://github.com/goodell

You can reach me via email or on Twitter.

My GPG Key IDs and Fingerprints are listed below:

sec   4096R/0xB367437501728814 2014-09-18
      Key fingerprint = B6DF 779C 9609 BAC3 4D66  5A2E B367 4375 0172 8814
uid                            keybase.io/goodell <goodell@keybase.io>
uid                            Dave Goodell <davidjgoodell@gmail.com>
uid                            Dave Goodell <dgoodell@cisco.com>
uid                            [jpeg image of size 15412]
ssb   2048R/0x37BAABA3F5D865B0 2014-09-18
      Key fingerprint = 9155 FB2D 7692 E0E5 75AB  C21F 37BA ABA3 F5D8 65B0
ssb   2048R/0x264455933929D611 2014-09-18
      Key fingerprint = A532 6369 F738 EC23 3B2F  F880 2644 5593 3929 D611

(you can further verify these with keybase.io)